The company is organised to serve environmental technologies at home and abroad, without compromising quality and keeping the engineering services as a priority (to achieve this purpose).
The company that is founded by our general manager Buğra KENAR in late 2007, has been working with several corporate companies, also has put signature outland references such as in Azerbaijan, Russia, Turkmenistan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria and Libya.
In general our mainly environmetal engineer staff that has longterm experiences in treatment secture provides services.
Our main principle is to solve the environmental problems of our customers with the best, fastest and the most reasonable costs abroad and at home without making concessions from our quality.

Our company, has been aiming to use the most sophisticated and most qualified treatment technologies while fulfilling its activities and to optimize the initial installation and the operation expenses by finding solution by also taking the economic situation of our country into consideration. Engineer staff has been assigned in our company who the experts in their fields. Our working principle is as follows:
At the first stage upon your request a visit is paid to you without making discrimination of place and without charging. Your process is investigated in the visit paid and samples are taken from your waste water that comes out the process. The area that treatment facility will be set up is observed, so that while the system design is being performed, the most suitable settlement and as to occupy the minimum space will be carried out. At the second stage, the analysis and the necessary treatment works of your waste water is performed in our laboratories. Here the purpose is to find the proper treatment method with the most suitable and the least chemicals consumption. After the suitable treatment method is decided, design of the treatment system will be made by our environmental engineers. The projects of the performed design are drawn by our technical group in AutoCAD environment.
At the final stage, offer is submitted to you by selecting the most quality and the low cost equipment again by our engineers according to the drawn project.
The completed system is set up by preparing the entire necessary piping etc. upon obtaining the work. We have the team within the body of our company who will perform the piping and mounting works. Also the construction works can be done by us when necessary. Together with this principle of working of us, lifetime process guarantee is granted as long as the waste water flow and characters remains the same in all the projects.


We have been carrying out the design, construction, supply of equipment, mounting, commissioning and the operation services of all industrial and home treatment facilities abroad and at home.

We have been providing services for the installation and the operation of packet treatment units for the sites and the holiday villages and the industrial waste water whose pollution load and flow is little.

We have been providing services of working, maintenance, revision engineering for the treatment systems and also we have been offering necessary engineering solutions for the facilities that do not operate due to the wrong design or the capacity in order to enable them operational.

Providing the full capacity operation of your existing facilities by visiting them regularly, we have been providing the services of reporting by making the measurements of the parameters that characterize the status of the treatment facility and responsible in the regulations.
We have been performing the selection and the sales Hitachi MBR Systems.

We have been performing the selection and the sales of all the equipments to be used in treatment facilities.

We have been carrying out the design, construction, supply of equipment, mounting, commissioning and the operation services of waste water treatment facilities.

We have been performing the works of treatment together with water and waste water analysis within our services of laboratory.


• Construction of turn-key water-waste water treatment facilities.
• Water-Waste water treatment facilities servicing, revision and installation.
• Packet treatment systems
• Flare Systems
• Anaerobic treatment systems
• MBR Systems by Hitachi
• Engineering Services
• Consultancy Services
• Equipments Sales
• Laboratory Services